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How to Spot a Con Artist

How to Spot a Con Artist

Secrets, lies, and tricks are tactics many con artists use to manipulate people to get what they want, oftentimes destroying their victim's lives forever. Con artists gain a person's confidence so...

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First Date: Dos and Don'ts | Dr. Phil

First Date: Dos and Don'ts

Meeting the love of your life doesn't take one huge step; it takes lots of little steps in the right direction. To up your chance of finding him, you've got to get out there, make an effort and make...

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Common Excuses of Abusers and Their Victims

Do you wonder if you're in an abusive relationship? Read the following excuses that abusers and their victims give. Abusers often blame others for their behavior. There is NO EXCUSE that justifies...

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Dr. Phil's Rules For Dating | Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil's Rules For Dating

Are you looking for Mr. Right but only finding Mr. Wrong? Dr. Phil shares advice to help enhance your dating life.

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Are You Ready for Marriage? | Dr. Phil

Are You Ready for Marriage?

Is getting married right for you? What do you need to know before you walk down the aisle? Dr. Phil advises you to take a closer look at yourself and the relationship before tying the knot. Ask...

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Online Dating Red Flags: Warning Signs of a Catfish | Dr. Phil

Online Dating Red Flags: Warning Signs of a Catfish

With more than 40 million men and women online looking for love, there are bound to be some scam artists out there. A “catfish” is a person who creates a false online identity in the hopes of luring...

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9 Warning Signs Of An Abusive Relationship | Dr. Phil

9 Warning Signs Of An Abusive Relationship

In an abusive relationship, there are often consistent warning signs. When Georgia Smiled: The Robin McGraw and Dr. Phil Foundation creates and advances programs that help victims of domestic...

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Saving a Marriage | Dr. Phil

Saving a Marriage

Couples who are trying to work their way back from a near-divorce are faced with the ultimate challenge. Rebuilding trust and infusing the partnership with love takes introspection, forgiveness and a...

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In a Rush to Get Married?

In a Rush to Get Married?

Are you obsessed with getting married? If so, Dr. Phil suggests that you ask yourself some questions before rushing into marriage with Mr. Right Now instead of waiting for Mr. Right.

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Divorce Don'ts While Online | Dr. Phil

Divorce Don'ts While Online

These days, divorce lawyers don't have to go far to find evidence " they just go on the Internet. Did you know that what you post online can be used against you in court, especially in a divorce?...

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Quiz: Are You a Sitting Duck for a Bad Girl? | Dr. Phil

Quiz: Are You a Sitting Duck for a Bad Girl?

Are you an unsuspecting sitting duck for a bad girl? Take the following quiz from Dr. Carole Lieberman, author of Bad Girls, and find out! Men: For each item that describes you, circle the "Q".

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Relationship Rescue Retreat: Q & A with Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil answers the questions everyone wants to know about his groundbreaking series "Relationship Rescue Retreat," where six couples on the verge of divorce are sequestered in his studio. The...

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